Having a written grievance procedure in place and readily available to employees is vital for all businesses. Without this, you could be leaving yourself open to potential Employment Tribunal claims.

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An up to date grievance procedure can protect you

You are required to give any grievance raised by an employee reasonable consideration. A clear grievance procedure provides a framework against which to deal with all issues raised. This can help ensure that you deal with any grievances consistently and in a legally complaint manner.

An effective and up to date procedure can save your business both time and money.

Our expert employment solicitors have helped businesses across the UK draft and update their grievance policies and procedures. By ensuring that your policies comply with the ACAS Code of Practice, we can help you avoid potentially costly claims.

Following a fair procedure during a hearing

The ideal scenario for you and your employee when an issue arises at work is to solve the problem informally. Yet when this is not achieved, a formal grievance may be raised.

At this stage, it is vital to follow the procedure set out in your grievance procedure. This could include:

  • Giving the employee reasonable notice so they can prepare their case
  • Carrying out a full investigation where necessary and taking any statements from witnesses
  • Making it clear that the employee can have an employee or union representative attend the hearing with them
  • Arranging for a manager not involved in the grievance to attend, ensuring the hearing is conducted properly
  • Arranging for a person to take notes during the hearing.

Although the ACAS Code of Practice is not legally binding, an Employment Tribunal can increase any money awarded by up to 25% if the code has not been followed.

At LawforEmployers we can advise you on dealing with a grievance in line with the ACAS Code of Practice. This will ensure that you are fully complaint and consistent in dealing with all grievances.

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