When a business reorganisation requires changes to staffing arrangements, seeking early advice from an employment law solicitor is vital.

At LawforEmployers, we have helped businesses across the UK by easing the burden placed on employers by employment law complexities.

We are here to ensure any changes affecting your employees are legally compliant. This is crucial in helping you guard against future potential claims.

Making redundancies

Unfortunately, during a business reorganisation, compulsory redundancies may be necessary.

Whilst redundancy is a fair reason for dismissal, it is vital you are able to demonstrate you followed a fair process, otherwise it will be deemed unfair. Making redundancies without following the correct procedure can have serious financial consequences.

At LawforEmployers we have advised employers on individual and collective redundancies. You can read more on on how our legal experts can help you carry out redundancies here.

Making changes to employment

A business or company reorganisation may also involve changes to the structure of the organisation and employees roles.  Inevitably, this often leads to a need to change an employeeâ??s terms and conditions contained in their contract of employment.

A reorganisation can be an uncertain time for many employees. Consulting with employees where fundamental changes are envisaged is essential. This can not only provide reassurance to employees, but also protect you from claims resulting from changes to contracts of employment.

We would always recommend meeting with employees to ensure they understand and consent to any changes.

Breach of contract and constructive unfair dismissal claims may result where changes are made without the employeeâ??s consent.

Our expert solicitors are available to provide advice and guidance on any changes to structures and roles within a business or company. We can help you ensure those changes are reflected in your employeeâ??s contracts of employment.

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If you are planning a business reorganisation and are unsure where you stand legally, our specialist solicitors are here to help.

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