Should businesses be wary of employment tribunal verdicts being available online?


Employment tribunal verdicts have recently been made available to the public online, allowing anyone to search for decisions by company name or by topic.

Previously, anyone interested in discovering a certain employment tribunal decision would need to go in person to the offices in Bury St Edmonds.

HM Courts and Tribunals Service announced the change in order to create an “open justice” principle.

But how will making employment tribunal verdicts available online affect employers? In our latest article, our specialist employment law solicitors take a look at the impact of making tribunal verdicts available online.

Will employment tribunal verdicts being online affect your business?

Many employers will have concerns about employment tribunal verdicts being made much easier to access.

Cases where employers or even a particular manager have been heavily criticised by the tribunal can quickly cause bad publicity for a business.

The change highlights how important it is for an employer to have the proper advice before going to an employment tribunal.

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Now more than ever it is important for employers of all sizes to have some form of employment law protection in place.

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