employment law changes in 2018

What are the upcoming employment law changes in 2018?

In 2018 we are set to see a number of significant developments in employment law affecting businesses in the UK. Despite a general uncertainty over where the Brexit negotiations will leave employment law, there are number of changes that employers should be preparing for. In this article, our expert employment law solicitors take a look…

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How could Brexit affect UK employment law?

With the vote on whether the UK should remain in or exit the European Union drawing ever closer, employers are questioning what affect â??Brexitâ? may have on employment law in the UK. Although, the impact of the EU on UK employment is often over-stated, some changes could be made in the event of a leave…

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How will the future of the Human Rights Act impact employers?

In recent weeks the proposed plans to scrap the Human Rights Act has continued to gain increased attention. Although last weekâ??s Queenâ??s speech stopped short of announcing a legislative plan, there are government plans for reform. The Human Rights Act gives effect to the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) by providing that, so far…

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