An employer’s guide to extreme weather: Can your staff take a snow day?


As we enter into the winter months, many employers will be facing situations where employees are unable to get to work due extreme weather conditions.

Some employers may be unsure how they should deal with such a situation and what they can ask employees to do if they are unable to make it to work.

In this article, our specialist employment law solicitors take a look at the actions employers can take staff are faced with extreme weather conditions.

Educate employees by putting employment policies in place

One of the most important things you can do as an employer is make it clear what you expect from employees should their travel plans be disrupted by snow and ice.

Make sure your employees know what the procedures are, preferably ahead of any expected bad weather.

What you can do if employees canâ??t get into work

If any employees canâ??t get into work may be able to make them take the day as unpaid leave, holiday, or work flexible hours to make the time up in some form.

If you have outlined a policy on extreme weather conditions in your company handbook or employeeâ??s contract of employment, this should be followed.

Can you make employees take a holiday day if they canâ??t beat the snow?

The law states that the notice employees are given must be double the length of the time you want them to take as annual leave. Therefore for one day of annual leave, you would need to give employees 2 daysâ?? notice.

Can you instruct employees to work from home or another location?

If an employees is able to complete some or all of their tasks from home or from another branch, it would be reasonable to request that they do this.

What if an employee tells you their childrenâ??s school closed?

Parents are entitled to take reasonable amounts of time off work if their arrangements for childcare are disrupted unexpectedly. However, you may be able to request that employees take this time as unpaid leave.

What if you are forced to close your workplace?

If the extreme weather forces you to close your workplace or office you canâ??t deduct employees pay.

However, once again if it is reasonable for them to work from home or another branch you can request that they do this.

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