The contracts of employment that you set out with your employees are some of the most important documents for any business.

Not only does this establish your expectations for a role, it also offers vital legal protection to you and your employees.

A contract of employment which does not cover the necessary terms may leave your business open to potential unfair dismissal claims.

We will guarantee that the necessary terms are included in each and every contract we draft for you. This will ensure that your employee contracts are legally viable and up to date.

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Are your contracts of employment in need of review?

It is vital that all contracts offer the protection your business requires. A professionally drafted contract provides certainty for both parties and can reduce the risk of future disputes.

As your business grows, the needs of your business can change. This often results in the need to change or add terms to a contract.

Yet making amends to your employee contracts can be a complicated process. Our employment law experts have extensive experience carrying out contract reviews. They can ensure that all contract reviews fully reflect the needs of both your business and your employees.

Additional policies and procedures

At LawforEmployers we can help ensure that you have the correct policies and procedures in place to support contracts of employment.

This is a great way to provide clarity to your employees on their role within the business.

We can help you with the drafting of policies including:

  • Staff handbooks
  • Disciplinary procedures
  • Grievance procedures
  • Family friendly policies

Whether you require a policy to cover equal opportunities, data protection, dress codes, or social media use, we can help you.

Seeking expert advice on the drafting of the above policies now will protect you in the future.

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